Our Mission

Our primary mission is entertainment! We produce and exhibit African plays and treat audiences to the spectacle, raw elegance and vibrancy of authentic African theatre in its fullest and grandiose manifestations through a fusion of pulsating music, spectacular dances and compelling drama. Secondarily, we strive to inform and educate theatre lovers and patrons about Africa’s historical antecedents, cultural values and traditional beliefs across socio-economic, political and religious practices.  We are also providing a platform of artistic expression to thousands of African artistes currently domiciled in the entertainment capital of the world.


Who We Are

We are a society of committed artistes bound by the singular passion of propagating African theatre in Los Angeles. We are committed to providing a voice for an underrepresented sector of minorities in the society. Yes, our mission to produce and present African plays but we are seeking actors, directors, writers, dancers, singers, musicians and theatre practitioners of all orientations, from African and non-African origin, to join our community and be a part adding a most spectacular layer of diversity to culture and entertainment in Hollywood and California at large.

Inaugural Production

Our inaugural production is slated for February 2019 during Black History month. It’s the North American premier of Wedlock of the Gods written by Zulu Sofola, the first female professor of theatre in Africa. Set in Midwestern Nigerian, Wedlock of the Gods tells a compelling story of a woman fighting to break free of traditional and cultural bondage of a patriarchal society just so she can marry a man she loves. The play takes an unflinching look at themes of love, arranged marriages, taboo, rituals of death and mourning amongst others.